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$262/Barrel oil? it could happen sooner than you think
Hybrid Vehicle News

Audi's electric SUV faces four-week delay because of software bug
Audi's first electric sport utility vehicle (SUV) will hit showrooms four weeks later than planned because of a software development issue, a spokesman for the German luxury car brand said on Sunday.

Facebook's WhatsApp flooded with fake news in Brazil election
Facebook Inc's popular messaging service WhatsApp has become a political battleground in Brazil's most polarized election in decades, raising concerns that it is distorting debate beyond the public eye.

Exclusive: CrowdStrike hires Goldman Sachs to lead IPO - sources
(This October 19 story corrects penultimate paragraph to show that Tenable shares have gained, not declined, since the company's IPO)

Google to charge Android partners up to $40 per device for apps: source
(This Oct. 19 story has been refiled to fix wording in fourth paragraph)

Brazil election battle rages over Facebook's WhatsApp
Facebook Inc's WhatsApp messaging service became the frontline in Brazil's bitter presidential campaign on Friday, as front-runner Jair Bolsonaro angrily denied accusations he had encouraged widespread misinformation campaigns on the platform.

U.S. CMS says 75,000 individuals' files accessed in data breach
The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) said on Friday it was responding to a data breach that exposed the files of about 75,000 individuals.

Apple CEO urges Bloomberg to retract spy chip story
Apple Inc Chief Executive Tim Cook on Friday told an online news website that Bloomberg should retract a story that claimed Apple's internal computer systems had been infiltrated by malicious computer chips inserted by Chinese intelligence agents.

Yahoo Science News

Alaska's Independent Governor Bill Walker Suspends His Re-election Bid 3 Days After Lieutenant's Resignation
His lieutenant governor over what Walker described as an inappropriate overture toward a woman

Trump Plans to Tear Up a 31-Year-Old Nuclear Weapons Treaty. Now What?
President Donald Trump revealed Saturday the United States intends to withdraw from a 31-year-old nuclear weapons agreement with Russia.

Bye-bye, BepiColombo: Rocket’s red glare kicks off a marathon mission to Mercury
A mission to the planet Mercury got off to a flashy start with tonight’s launch of an Ariane 5 heavy-lift rocket, but there’s a long way to go before the double-barreled BepiColombo probe gets to its destination. Liftoff from the European Arianespace launch complex in Kourou, French Guiana, came off flawlessly at 10:45 p.m. (6:45 p.m. ET). The $1.5 billion mission, named after the late Italian astrophysicist Giuseppe “Bepi” Colombo, is a joint project of the European Space Agency and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA. Over the course of seven years, the spacecraft will trace a complex path… Read More

Roche takes on Loxo, Bayer in gene-defined cancer class
Roche's entrectinib cancer pill was shown to shrink tumors in 57 percent of patients within a group that can only be identified via genetic profiling, as the Swiss drugmaker challenges an alliance of Bayer and Loxo Oncology in a new targeted treatment area. The trial results on patients with a gene anomaly known as NTRK fusion, which occurs in less than 1 percent across a range of tumor types, were presented at the annual congress of the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) in Munich on Sunday. Germany's Bayer and U.S. partner Loxo, in turn, released data for their rival compound larotrectinib, which slightly improved on previous high-efficacy readings in an enlarged trial.

What Made Leonardo da Vinci Such a Great Artist? 'Crossed Eyes' May Have Helped
Leonardo da Vinci may have literally seen the world differently. The famed Renaissance artist may have had an eye condition that helped him better-depict the 3D world on a flat surface when drawing and painting, a new report suggests. The report, which analyzed six works of art that are likely portraits or self-portraits of Leonardo, suggests that the artist may have had strabismus, or crossed eyes, a condition in which a person's eyes don't look in the same direction at the same time.

China-backed hydro dam threatens world's rarest orangutan
A billion-dollar hydroelectric dam development in Indonesia that threatens the habitat of the world's rarest great ape has sparked fresh concerns about the impact of China's globe-spanning infrastructure drive. The site of the dam in the Batang Toru rainforest on Sumatra island is the only known habitat of the Tapanuli orangutan, a newly discovered species that numbers about 800 individuals in total. Indonesian firm PT North Sumatra Hydro Energy is building the power plant with backing from Sinosure, a Chinese state-owned enterprise (SOE) that insures overseas investment projects, and the Bank of China, company documents show.

Elizabeth Warren's DNA Test and the Difficult History of Looking for Answers in Blood
By the late 19th century the ideology of biological determinism had made its way into American law, where the politics of blood reigned

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